Axelle, 38, is the CEO/Founder & Image Consultant of Le Petit Med Spa. She was born and raised in Paris, France.  She started her career as a Journalist in the health field after she obtained her Master’s degree in Journalism with a scientific specialization in Paris. She then became a reporter about the subject that always fascinated her:  fashion and beauty. She was sent as a French correspondent to New York City in 2010.

    Since she was a teenager, Axelle always had the habit to fix people from the outside to make them feel confident on the inside, thinking that we all have a greater potential and shouldn’t waste it by not looking our best. Axelle moved to San Antonio in 2011 and saw it as an opportunity to become a Personal Stylist and bring a bit of the French Touch in our City.  She started her company of Image Consulting in 2015 and it made her taking consideration that she could do more complete makeovers if she could bring the European techniques and beauty “savoir-faire” over here. That’s how Le Petit Med Spa was born!


    Axelle is passionate with her job and making a positive impact on others. Since 2017, she has accepted the positon of Honorary Member for a French association called “Les Lumineuses” (The Luminous). This association brings women together to discuss and pave the way forward for true equality for all women. She was recently asked to present a conference about the perception we have of ourselves, the way others perceive us and how taking control of our image to fight inner insecurities, to bring self-confidence and self-esteem.


    When she is not at the spa, Axelle loves spending time with her husband Tony, and their two young boys. She loves 80’s music, great conversation around good food and wine (as a true French lady!). She is Fluent in English and French.

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