By this HOT trigger device of Infratherapy, you will prepare your skin to be then deeply treated. Infratherapy is one of the most efficient techniques for wellness and mood enhancing. It is based on the emission and control of infrared for healing and wellness purposes.


Far infrared penetrates up to 1.5 inches beneath the skin and acts directly at the cellular level. It cannot cause any skin burn and brings about natural detoxifying sweating process, thus strengthening the immune system (7x more than traditional saunas!), lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure, fluidizing blood circulation, reducing muscular tensions and pain, stimulating collagen production, which is key to anti-aging.

Our Infrared Sauna is best for:

Detox • Slimming • Relaxation • Firming • Anti-Aging  • Improvement of sleep quality • Enhancement of other care programs or healthy lifestyles

The sessions are 20, 30 or 40 minutes long depending on which program is chosen. To achieve maximum results, you’ll need one to two sessions per week.

+ Meditation Wellness Mind & Body:

While you’ll have your session in the Infrared Sauna, audio-guides will be available for you to combine mind & body wellness (anxiety, sleep, stress, self-Esteem, depression, etc.).


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