This mechanical roller that DEEPLY massages the tissues will allow for lymphatic drainage in both the dermis and hypodermis. The Body Reshape Expert will smooth out the cellulite and reshape the skin’s surface. It will also stimulate blood flow to the treatment areas allowing for a noticeable improvement in appearance. The result is visible due to more toned skin and less localized skin slacking.

Adding the Pressotherapy will be the last essential part of your slimming treatment. It uses a belt, boots and sleeves on top of a CRYO bandage for a pressure for lymphatic drainage. This is perfect to eliminate toxins, waste and water retention that have accumulated in the tissues. It helps to boost the disappearance of cellulite, improve weight loss and to relieve the sensation of heavy legs.

This non-invasive 60-minute procedure is painless. To achieve maximum results, you’ll need one sessions per week for a month, and then one session per month.